Thursday, February 19, 2009


That's right our poor little girl has pneumonia. Scary I know! Here's what happened... Well the past couple months i had been noticing that Kenadee's hands, feet and lip would turn blue just randomly throughout the day. The first couple times that it happened i thought it was just because its cold outside... but after it kept happening i thought it was because she wasn't getting enough oxygen... so i would give her an asthma treatment... but that didn't help either. Finally i was talking to my mom yesterday and told her that Ken's extremities were blue and she told me that i needed to take her to the Doctor to get her O2 saturation checked! I didn't want to go to the Doctor because i was there just the day before Ken had been getting pretty bad fevers the past few days so the tested her for Strep and it was positive. But i listen and took her in. I saw a new doctor that day because Ken usual doc could get her in. I told him what had been happening and he checked her sat. and they were great so the blueness was not because of the asthma. I totally felt like a crazy mom that thinks that everything is wrong with her child. But he could tell my concern and told me about that when things turn blue it more than like has something to do the the heart, so he decided to do a chest X-ray to check out the heart and then we would go from there. Well he came back a few minutes later to tell me that he was glad that we did the Xray because she had a Pretty serious case of Pneumonia... he said that she has probably had it for awhile... I was astonished because besides being crabbier than normal and and a runny nose (which i thought was just because of getting teeth) she didn't show any symptoms.... they gave her an antibiotic shot and she was already on another antibiotic because of the strep and i also have to give her pulmocort treatments with a nebulizer 4 times a day. We go back to the doctor in one week to get another Xray and see if she is improving. So the Paxton family is going into hibernation for the next little while so our sweet little Kenadee can get back to normal!

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Kenadees 1!!!

Kenadee had her 1st birthday on Friday January 30. We had a double birthday party for her and her cousin Jace who was born 3 days earlier. All of the Paxton clan was there and also Janille, Aric, Caroline and Kenadee's friend Annie.

I made there little cakes Ken had a lady bug and I made Jace a basketball. Jace couldn't wait to dive into his, but Kenadee didn't think that it was as much fun after she got some cake on her hands and her face. She didn't like to be messy and wanted to get out of her chair...(you would almost think that she was a Bundy kid) i had to wipe her hands and her face a bunch!

She got tons of wonderful gifts and she loves them all!