Sunday, June 7, 2009


We had to leave for the hospital at 5:30 am

Well Kenadee had her surgery and now its been a week after and she is on the mend. The actual surgery only took about 20 minutes and then we where supposed to stay in the hospital over night so they could monitor Kenadee but she was doing so well that they let us go home that evening. When we got home Ken ate a whole piece of pizza and we thought that this surgery was no big deal and that Kenadee would be back to normal the next day.... BOY were we wrong it took about 7 days for Kenadee to start eating again.

We are on day 11 of recovery and she is still not sleeping through the night... SHE IS WORSE THAN A NEW BORN BABY, but she has finally gotten down off my lap and started playing with her toys again...
So our goal for the next little bit is to get sleep and hopefully she isn't developing bad habits!!! Kenadee thinks that the best part about this whole experience is that she can have Popsicles for lunch and pudding for dinner!!!