Wednesday, February 23, 2011

its been so long...

Well its been so long since i have posted i will give you the run down of the past few months...
We spent Thanksgiving in Utah with Dave's family we were there for a little over 2 weeks and had a blast going to the movies and ken loved every second she got to play with her cousins... but i forgot my camera "classic Tiffany" as Dave would say...

We took the kids to see Santa at the ward Christmas party both kids hated Santa ken wouldn't even get close

Dave got out of school on the 22 then we made our way to Modesto in the worst rain storm i had ever seen in my life but it was totally worth it be be with my fam for Christmas

Max gave me the best Christmas present ever he finally started walking!! i had been worrying that he would crawl forever!!!

Christmas morning

in January i got free passes from the library to the zoo so on Martin Luther King Jr day we took the kids to the zoo

Kenadee favorite thing about the zoo was looking at the map to see where we were going next!!

She was so excited to ride the carousel at the zoo i tried to get her to pick a fun animal but she said that all the other ones were scary and that she only wanted to ride the horse... she is so funny!

Kenadee turned 3 on the 30 of January Dave's parents came down for another visit and spoiled the kids!!! it was so fun to have them here!
We had a small party for Ken her only requests were that she had balloons, birthday candles and baby Ashlyn at her party!!(baby Ashlyn in our friends the Gronemans baby) she had a princess cake which she loved but i hated because is didn't turn out as perfect as i thought it would be... (don't look at the picture Ashleigh just scroll past it! don't judge ;) )

We got her this cute little kitchen that is so cute and it only took 3 of us 2 hours to put it together that's how many pieces it came it! but it was totally worth it to see her face when we brought it out

These are just a couple pictures of my goofy kids being silly! they make me laugh everyday and i am so lucky to be their mom!!!

We have been swimming and spending our days at the park while Dave is gone at school and studying. We have had the most wonderful weather
Max has recently started feeding himself and ken is now officially potty trained we do however put a pull up on at night because for me its not worth the risk!!! And she is going to start swimming lesson in a week which she is so excited about! Dave's quarter ends on Friday and we have plans to check out all the fun things to do around here! spring training started i think that we will take in a game or 2 maybe go to the zoo again... but most of all we will definitely enjoy spending the whole week with dad!!!hopefully i wont forget my camera!!!