Wednesday, December 17, 2008



We decided to make chocolate covered carmel apples for gifts to give the neighbors for Christmas we made homemade carmel and covered them in white chocolate and then rolled them in cinnamon and sugar! The process took all afternoon but we were pretty proud of ourselves with the results!

Saturday, December 13, 2008

With Walking Comes FALLING

Well it was her first major face plant and man was it a good one! Kenadee was trying to walk over to the coffee table at Grandma Paxton's house when she didn't quite make it all the way and instead of falling to the ground she went right into the edge of the coffee table. I think that after this fall was the most sad that she has ever been. The next day she had a huge bruise right between her eyes, and then to top it all off the day after that she went right into the corner of a cardboard box of diapers. She got a tiny scratch on top of the bruise... i thought that with all the falling that she would give up and just crawl for a little longer but she is a persistent little person and she is going to walk whether it hurts her or Not!

I Dont know if you can tell from these pictures her bruise... but its there... POOR BABY