Monday, November 1, 2010

Happy Halloween

here are the Paxton's! a Peter Pan Halloween
DAVE is Peter
I am Wendy
Kenadee is Tinkerbell
Max is Captain Hook!
We had fun at our ward trunk or treat!!! now what should the theme be for next year i am taking suggestions!!!
Hopefully next year i will be able to buy some costumes instead of making them all!!! it made for a very busy October!!!

MR MAX is ONE!!!

I cant believe its been a year since i brought my little dopey home!!! if you don't remember
he is now one and HUGE... little man is 90 % for height and weight and, weighs 25 lbs and is my little destroyer!!!! for his birthday Dave's parents were in town we carved pumpkins and had birthday cake and opened presents!!!

HE finally realizes his hands are dirty and then HATES IT!!!

Pumkin Patch

We went to the pumpkin patch and let the ken pick out her pumpkin! she pretty much touched every pumpkin in the place trying to find the perfect one but she finally found it!!!

GRANDMA and GRANDPA Paxton came to town

Dave's mom and dad came for a visit this past week and man did we have a blast running our guts out shopping and having fun!!! Ann took us to the children's museum in Phoenix and man did kenadee have a blast she loved every minute of it!!

she got to be chef

ride a bike with her helmet backwards.

play peek a boo in a giant box

and just see how things work

Max doesn't like the flash 0n my camera so this is how a lot of my pictures turn out lately!

So Behind

It i crazy how a almost 3 year old and a crawling baby will keep you insanely busy running after max picking up and cleaning up everything he is destroying! but we are enjoying Arizona and the 80 degree weather we spend most of our time swimming, riding scooters and playing at the park! Dave is gone so much studying that we have to keep busy so we don't miss him too much!!!
Here is just a few pictures of the kids

Kenadee and her night time sleeping posse ya they have to be in a certain order... i worry a little that she might be a little OCD... (she is half rawe you know)

she is also a professional swimmer... (with floaties)

max just likes to kick back and watch whats going on around him

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Where did She go

While we were unpacking box after box after box i realized that Ken hadn't come up to me in while to ask for her usual snake or juice or something! So i started around the house looking for her room after room i started to get uneasy because i couldn't find her i finally start looking outside thinking that maybe she slipped past me! and i still couldn't find her! i start yelling and getting a little panicked until i heard her little giggle and this is what i found
She found her own little spot and was playing my ipod touch! we have to leave that shelf cleared because that's "kens spot" or so she calls it!

Move in day

We got to our new house about 1 pm after drive 7 hours from St George the kids were tired it was hot and this is how tired ken was

she fell asleep watching a show on the portable DVD player it was so cute!

big helper

Ken was a big helper while we were packing up to move or so she thought.... she even packed a box or two all by herself! She has great organization skills ;) dont you think

A & D (the new kind of Gel)

I was packing up boxes one morning when i realized that it was a little to quiet in the house! you moms out there know that when its quiet something is not quite right! i walked into the family room and found this
Kenadee was so proud of herself and told me mom look i did Mackys hair! I was mad for a second and then realized ahh no big deal it was actually funny!!! But lets not do it again his head smelled weird for a week