Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Happy Max

Happy Max... Heavenly Father sure blessed me with this one! i love him so much... this Kid is awesome he is so happy all the time! He is such a mellow fellow and nothing much bothers him. He lets his sister kiss on him hold him and climb all over him and he just smiles and LAUGHS at her! He pretty much laughs at anything! Its so crazy going from lets just say not the happiest easy going kid to one that is content to sit in his jumper forever! I LOVE YOU MR MAX!

so i still swaddle max... and he loves it makes him sleep great

i couldnt figure out how to rotate this picture if you know how to do it let me know

Monday, April 12, 2010


Our Easter was pretty relaxed the Easter bunny came to our house and left the kids presents and eggs to find (which Kenadee loved) we watched conference then headed over to Janille and Aric for dinner with friends... Kenadee had another egg hunt with Annie. it was a fun day
Grandma Rawe got Kenadee her Easter dress and it couldn't be cuter