Thursday, March 8, 2012


February was fun Dave went on break from school.. so we took in a few sights from the the city which was fun but of course typical Tiffany forgot the camera... but i didn't forget it on this special snow day! 

 Kenadee wanted it taller than DADDY
 Then everyone in the family needed their own snowman
Meet Teddy the snowman!


January is the Birthday month!
 Dave turned...29... we went to dinner and movie (our first date in a long time!) then came home for some Cupcakes

 Kenadee turned the big 4 and wanted to go to chunkin what she calls it... chuckee cheeses...

 she was so excited about her birthday cake because she made it!! she is my little Betty crocker she is always in the kitchen with me!


December is always a fun time! this year was especially fun for us Dave's mom surprised us with a trip home for Christmas!
Sitting on Santa's lap for the first time! AND NOT CRYING!

 i Had to throw this one in because how handsome does my little man look

 Max's first airplane ride
 we went to the movies with friends
 the kids preformed a nativity Kenadee  played Mary, max would not participate unless he was holding baby Jesus!
 Christmas eve Jammies

 max and ryder they are 2 months apart... we had hopes that they would be the best of friends maybe in a year or two but they had trouble getting along... lets face it max is a bully!! but this was one of the times they did get along and play cute together
 the kids LOVE reading stories with grandma... i can never get max to sit on my lap for more than 2 min but grandma had him up there reading forever!
The kids got bikes for Christmas this was kens face when she saw her new bike for the first time!


November wasn't super exciting we did however go down to Kentucky to see Dave's cousin and his family. We went to this little farm/ Noah's ark place that lets you feed the animals the kids had a blast

 Kenadee and Taylor were instant friends!
 we fit all the kids on the tire swing and man was it funny!
 we spent thanksgiving with Matt and Brooke! Ken thinks that Brooke is her BEST friend!
painting after thanksgiving dinner!

most terrible blogger EVER...October

so here is whats been going on with us the last few months... WE HAVE BEEN BUSY! Dave is class President and involved in numerous clubs and school things! I have been called to serve in the relief society presidency and then there are the kids and all the activities and playdates and what not that they have! so here are a few of the highlights of October
We went to the COOLEST Corn maze!!

Went and picked pumpkins

 Max turned 2 years old he hated his birthday cake ...well the candles anyway!
 once the candles were removed he loved it.
 The kids dressed up as Dorthy and the scarecrow from the wizard of Oz! we went trick or treating

Monday, August 15, 2011

fun things we did this summer

we did have a whole lot of time to spend in Utah but we did do some fun things this summer

we went to Gail's farm and fed the Elk and saw the chickens and mini horses

we had huge water fights

went to the fireworks

went to the parades

and when we got here we went to see lake Michigan (ken stripped down on the beach she was dying to go swimming)

we went boating

we also went to seven peaks and to the splash park a lot... most important we spent a lot of time with family hanging out and having fun.... we miss our family a lot and hope that they will all come visit!!!

oh ya and while we were in Utah my sister had the cutest baby boy EVER Mr Cruz


well this has been a year of craziness.... a year ago we moved to Arizona to start a masters program at Midwestern in hopes to eventually be accepted to dental school! Dave spent the year pretty much locked in the library at school studying his butt off to make AWESOME grades (which he did) I am so Proud of him!!! we had such a good time in Arizona made GREAT friends!! Throughout the year the direction of going to dental school just started to feel not quite right. Dave attended some lectures on podiatry and other professional programs to see what was out there... he started shadowing a podiatrist and fell in love so the 3 years that we spent preparing for dental school and the DAT and all that goes with it i think prepared him for what was next... all within a 3 weeks he shadowed podiatrist, applied for podiatry school, studied for the MCAT, took the MCAT, and still studied for his classes! lets just say it was a crazy time for us! He was accepted to Scholl College of Podiatric Medicine at Rosalind Franklin University in North Chicago IL.

Dave graduated in May we moved back to Utah to work and spend time with family... August 5 we packed up the Uhaul and headed for Illinois the 3 day drive was well BRUTAL with 2 babies it was no fun.... but we got here with no problem at all!!! we are finally unpacked (we couldn't of done it without the help of Dave's parents) and getting back to our normal routine. Dave started school today and we are preparing ourselves for his long hours at the library... but we are living right next to the school so he can walk home and be here in a jiffy if i need him!!

We are so grateful for this opportunity to come to school and Dave to further his education... from what we hear Chicago is a fun place to live we are looking forward to all the exciting things we will be able to do here (if you have any suggestions let us know)

here are a few pics of our new little apartment