Friday, March 27, 2009

ST George FUN

Dave and I just celebrated out 3rd anniversary... man 3 years goes by fast! Dave also had spring break from school so we headed down to sunny St George. We had a blast we went on walks, played at the park, and of course went SWIMMING... It took Ken a bit to get used to be pool (its a lot bigger than the bath tub). Kens favorite thing to do down there was to go on walks and find as many treasures (rocks) as her hands could hold!

Can you Believe it!

Well the Paxton 3 we no longer be! We found out that we are adding one more to our wonderful family! We are so excited ! I am hoping for a baby boy.. and Dave says he wants another girl just like our Little Kenadee..its a little backwards i know... maybe i am just ready for a new shopping spree... but shhhh don't tell Dave.... in all actuality i don't care as long as its happy and healthy... WHATS YOUR GUESS???