Monday, January 26, 2009

Christmas Sock from Auntie Kaitlin

Well its been a tradition that Kaitlin gets me socks every year for Christmas...well she decided to continue the tradition with her new adopted niece. They were the cutest FUZZY socks. Kenadee didn't know quite what to think of them she kept pulling them off and rubbing they on her face.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Christmas Morning

Well it was the first Christmas morning we had with Kenadee and I think that I was more excited for Santa to come then anyone. In fact i had to wake everyone up. We started a tradition of opening Christmas P.J. on Christmas Eve. Ken wasn't to excited with the whole opening presents in fact her favorite thing that day was a tube of body wash that Grandpa got in his stocking and let her play with!


Every year the Paxton's get together before Christmas and the kids act out a Nativity. This was Ken's first one we didn't think that she would cooperate to well but she must be a little actress because she was a prefect little angel who just wanted to hold and touch little baby Jesus who was played by then newest member of the Paxton clan her cousin Gillian.