Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Daughter Like Father

We have been potty training lately and she is doing well... We tried once before but she wasn't quite ready... and now its the funniest thigh EVER whenever she has to go number 2 she ask for a story... and just sits on the potty and reads while she does her business i know that one day she will hate me for these pictures but man are they cute now....


He is getting bigger and bigger by the minute here are some new pictures of Mr Max


We Love our little Ryder man and we are lucky that we get to see him pretty often... Kenadee loves her cousin and loves to give him kisses

Max and Ryder...BFF... only 2 months apart....even though it looks like Max could eat Ryder for lunch..

Valentines Day

so i know that its march and valentines day was forever ago but my computer was broke and my camera was lost but here are so pictures of Ken that are so cute i couldn't resist sharing them
Kenadee helped me make some awesome cupcakes thanks for sharing that frosting recipe Ashleigh