Thursday, July 8, 2010

Busy Busy Busy

WOW... i feel like we haven't had a chance to sit down... which is the reason I haven't updated in FOREVER! June was jammed packed with vacations reunions an basically us going in ten different was! we started off June by going to Art City days.. the festival they have in Spring with a carnival and parade and fireworks its pretty fun!

then we took the kids with us to Arizona to look for apartments because we are moving in 6 weeks! We found one by the way and are super excited about it! Then we headed to Heber Valley Camp for a couple days with Dave's whole family! we canoed and repelled and just hung out! Then it was my 25th birthday i cant believe i am a quarter of a century old! Then all the rawes came for a Family Reunion at Bear Lake.... But before we headed to the lake we went to the scera pool for some fun in the sun

At the Lake we went boating hung out with family and took bike rides down to get some Snow cones the kids loved that

after bear lake we all came back to Provo for the 4th we sat outside the stadium of fire and listened to Carrie Underwood and watch the fireworks! we also went to the parade and had a BBQ we have been running in every different direction and its nice to have things calm down... the next thing on our list it so start packing for the move!

Mickey Park

we live right across the street from an elementary school and we often go to the park! one night we were sitting outside in the back yard and Kenadee asked to go to Mickey Park. I was so confused and didn't know what she was talking about ! but when Ken wants to do something she wants to do something so she grabbed my hand and starting pulling and we ended up at the park across the street!

Ken wanted to do everything i did!