Wednesday, July 22, 2009


Wow how time flies Kenadee will we 18 months on the 30th. We are so lucky to have Ken in our family she makes laugh every day and can always make me smile. I know all parents say this but i really do have the cutest baby!
p.s. thanks Janille for the pictures you are the best!

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Kenadees first hair cut (kinda)

Kenadee had her "first" hair cut on July 9. I put first in quotations because we all know that i do hair and that its not possible for me to have waited 18 months to do a little trim-a-roo especially when she was born with such bad hair... so i call this her first hair cut because i cut more that 10 strands of hair and i cut about an inch off... Her hair is now almost all one length. We had to keep lots of snacks at hand to have her sit still and she definitely sat there better than i had expected her to!


7 peaks

While the Bundys where here we all went to the water slides. I was a little worried about how Kenadee would do because the last time i took her swimming she didn't love it, but she loved the water slides her fav0rite was playing in the wave pool with Jaxsyn. My little lady didn't cry the whole time we were there even when Aunt Janille took her down a big water slide!

Slumber Party

Kenadee LOVES her cousins! While the Bundys were visiting we decided it was time for Kenadee to have her very first sleep over so we invited the girls to stay the night! Kenadee had a blast with Jacey and Shaelyn, even though she is a lot younger than the girls you could say she definitely fits in !


It is a tradition in my family that Grandpa Rawe always gives his Granddaughters their first baby doll when they are born. Kenadee has grown quite attached to hers! She has always loved it even when she was 8 months old you would tell her to "go get your baby and she would crawl all the way across the room just to get her baby! Well now she is 18 months and she already takes it every where, and the cutest thing about it is that she has to have it when she goes to bed... that's right she sleeps with! She also puts it in her highchair and tries to feed it! Kenadee is definitely a little girl who loves her DOLLS!