Thursday, March 8, 2012


December is always a fun time! this year was especially fun for us Dave's mom surprised us with a trip home for Christmas!
Sitting on Santa's lap for the first time! AND NOT CRYING!

 i Had to throw this one in because how handsome does my little man look

 Max's first airplane ride
 we went to the movies with friends
 the kids preformed a nativity Kenadee  played Mary, max would not participate unless he was holding baby Jesus!
 Christmas eve Jammies

 max and ryder they are 2 months apart... we had hopes that they would be the best of friends maybe in a year or two but they had trouble getting along... lets face it max is a bully!! but this was one of the times they did get along and play cute together
 the kids LOVE reading stories with grandma... i can never get max to sit on my lap for more than 2 min but grandma had him up there reading forever!
The kids got bikes for Christmas this was kens face when she saw her new bike for the first time!

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